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So I hope you're excited to see what I've been up to while I've been away. I have some fun ads to share but I must say to every single visitor thanks for coming back. SM is about to hit 5,000 visitors and I think that most certainly is a milestone. Thanks for the emails and I even had a few comments while I was away which was pretty cool. Although I haven't been posting I've most certainly been collecting and I am buzzing with excitement to share, hope you enjoy!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Occupy Sydney On Again!

Quote: "We live in a world where the 1% that created the financial crisis are bailed out and rewarded, while the 99% pay the price through their wages, their houses and their pensions."
                                                  - Occupy Sydney

Subliminal Matters: This rhetoric is not reflective of Sydney.

Location: Martin Place, Sydney Australia

Ad Review: Clearly not an ad but definitely some subliminal matters at play in this captured moment. Sydney is not a place that I would associate with the 1% plutocracy (rich rulers). It's almost a weird juxtaposition to find the
Occupy Sydney movement in the Central Business District (CBD) of Sydney. They've been there since October last year protesting for a cause that's not immediately their own but they've most certainly owned the movement. All I can say is that, if you took a poor (and I mean truly poor) American, and gave them nothing but Australian citizenship to survive they'd probably be well taken care of by the government's welfare program. 

It's such a stretch for these Sydney siders to convincingly take on this cause, but "good on ya mates" Take the weight of the world on your shoulders, your beer money will never run out! (seriously it won't) Thanks for caring anyway.  

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