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So I hope you're excited to see what I've been up to while I've been away. I have some fun ads to share but I must say to every single visitor thanks for coming back. SM is about to hit 5,000 visitors and I think that most certainly is a milestone. Thanks for the emails and I even had a few comments while I was away which was pretty cool. Although I haven't been posting I've most certainly been collecting and I am buzzing with excitement to share, hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Australia's Binge Drinking Culture?

"We also need the makers and suppliers of alcohol to stop encouraging people to buy massive amounts of cheap booze which fuels our binge drinking culture"                                                                                                                 
           - Brian Vandenberg, VicHealth's Alcohol Program Manager

Subliminal Matters: drinking and over drinking is a part of Australian culture; binge drinking; do we need to separate having a good time with alcoholism?; is  it a binge drinking culture or something more serious?
Location: Taylor Square, Sydney Australia

Ad Review: 

The creator of this advertisement is well aware of a cold Carlton's appeal to any drinker. The mention of the beer being best "straight from the tap" I have to say is not a mistake. These words easily put you at a bar stool in a pub with a cold beer in front of you. Hey what can I say, words translated to thought often translate to action, and I'm not naive to the fact that on a hot day a billboard like this can make you skip the thoughts and go straight for action! 

So what was Brian Vandenberg saying again? (If you're wondering who he is in the first place?-I refer you to the quote above) To be honest this Carlton advertisement is blantantly lying when it
implies that there's a lack of beers on taps. I am yet to go to a pub and experience that in Sydney. Maybe I'm reading this advertisement wrong, maybe they meant it literally in which case that totally went over my head. I mean who drinks directly from a tap? If that's what they meant that's a pretty lame attempt at comedy. 

So... dare to guess how many alcohol related billboards I found in Taylor Square? You'll know by the end of this week... Umm, just wondering, any volunteers to deliver the bad news to the poor alcohol program manager from above?

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